Our Offer

Hanisz Management specializes in business management consulting and execution. Amongst others:

- developing businesses
- managing companies (projects, tasks)
- mission & vision development support and strategy assessment
- business plans development and investment projects review
- however the most important part of the offer is reengineering of production or service companies in order to achieve a dramatic improvement in competitive position.

This point requires a little bit more explanation.

Effectiveness and efficiency in resources utilization and the highest quality of product or service is no longer only a trendy slogan. It is just a necessity in a contemporary business world.

Hanisz Management using a huge experience of its chief consultant helps production and service companies to develop and introduce the most modern operation management systems. The system lays on principles of two systems: - six sigma: making work better - lean management: making work faster The principles above lead us to following results: - customer satisfaction with speed and quality - improve processes (cost, efficiency and effectiveness) - work together for maximum gain - base decision on data and facts

The final product of the reengineering project is process management system with implemented tools of continues process improvement.

The state of permanent work improvement lays on commitment and motivation supported by increasing level of loyalty of all members of the organization. Now they can and want to focus their activities on goals important from the point of view of a whole organization and its strategy.

The standard shape of the reengineering project is following:

1. Analyse the present status
2. Define core and support processes
3. Develop key performance indicators (KPI) for each process. Those are critical for the organization strategic goals
4. Develop tools required to measure KPIs
5. Train team members in order to get them ready to work together as a team and be able to use measurement tools
6. Introduce a set of tools that help to appropriately arrange working space and time (e.g. 5S)
7. Introduce a set of tools that help to keep continues process improvement (e.g. Kaizen, MAIC, SMED etc)

The project frame as above is a proposal only and in every case is tailored to individual needs of the company.

Introduction of the project is individualized as well. However it is recommended to develop and introduce this new idea on a limited area of the organization (for example on a single process) in order to get experience by management, executives and team members who may became leaders of changes in the next steps.

At the end of the day Hanisz Management leaves the organization ready for independent work with improvement of efficiency, effectiveness and quality. Now all members of the organization understand thatthere is a better way !
As a side outcome of the project, the organization is ready (however it is not a project target) to be audited for ISO 9001:2000 certificate.